Okay, so, I’m giving this a go again. Who knows? It might even stick this time.

I frequently fall in love with the idea of blogging – a little creative outlet, all of my own. But I struggle with committing to a subject. I tried my hand at lifestyle and beauty blogging, but I’m too wordy. I tried film and media blogs, but that’s too much like effort, especially when I get knee-deep in essays.Β I tried diary-style entries, incorporating a bit of both, but my daily life is honestly not that interesting.

So, this is themeless. Unless “Megan Rainbird” counts as a theme. That’s why the header is a little group of random emojis – books and a film slate and some lipstick. I like all of these things, so I’ll dip into them all. Stuff it – I’m going rogue.

There are a hundred and one social media experts shouting at their laptop screens right now, going “But you need a niche!!! You need consistency or readers won’t getΒ you!!! How will you everΒ market yourself without a niche?!?!?!”

Well, yeah. But I was never going to be the next SprinkleOfGlitter, was I? She’s got much better boobs than me, and I’m not nearly as hilarious.

So let’s give this a go. Just blogging about stuff.

I’ll be bloody amazed if I stick to it.


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