What I Watched: Television & Netflix | October 2016

This post serves as a little monthly overview of what I watched in the last month. Usually, I’d combine everything into a single blog post, but I’ve found myself at the cinema a lot recently, so the new films I’ve watched are soon to follow, just separately this time. So, here’s what I watched at home, either on telly or on Netflix. Be warned, there are Strictly and Bake Off spoilers ahead, so skip ahead to Red Dwarf if you aren’t caught up!


Strictly Come Dancing

I’m currently watching Halloween Week’s results show, and bricking it, because my gorgeous Daisy is in the bottom two. I love this show, but my god, it’s been a dramatic season, hasn’t it?! Will leaving, Laura and Brendan being poorly, all on top of Ed Balls getting an EIGHT this week. AN EIGHT. I’ve loved this season though – as I say, Daisy is probably my favourite, but I’ve a bit of a soft spot for Ore as well. And how good was the Halloween pro dance?! I know its not necessarily the most innovative show, but the quality of the production, the live music, the glamour of it… it’s the height of entertainment, really, and completely brightens up my Saturday nights.

EDIT: Thank God, Daisy stayed. I’m a bit gutted to see Anastacia go, though, bless her, she was so sweet and energetic 😦


The Great British Bake Off

Oh, I’m such a massive Bake Off fan. There’s nothing I don’t love about this show – Mel and Sue, Mary Berry, the tent, and esecially the contestants. I was rooting for Candice this series, and rooting hard. She has a brilliant taste in lipstick, she is sassy and funny, and she made one of my fave Bake Off bakes ever – the gingerbread pub! When she won I was just in bits. The little dancey jiggle she did just warmed my heart – I wept like a child, I really did, and it breaks my heart this show isn’t coming back to the BBC. (Anyone else reckon they should just replace Paul with Candice or Nadiya and rename it the Great British Baking Competition?)


Red Dwarf XI

This season of Red Dwarf has been truly joyous, hasn’t it?! Its gone back to basics, and I think its all the better for it. The reason this show works is the cast and characters gel so well, in terms of the writing and the performances. Red Dwarf is always funny, basically; I don’t know how else to put it. If you’ve not watched it, do.


Cockneys vs. Zombies

This was a mad, mad film that my friends and I found on Netflix at about 3am last night. We’d had a Halloween party, we were winding down, and this came up as a suggestion – who were we to resist a title like that? It was, surprisingly, a really wonderful film. It had some big names in it and the performances were heartwarming. The effects also worked really well – gory, sure, but impressively realistic. My favourite thing was the cinematography, though; for a tongue-in-cheek, silly film, it was visually stunning. If you want something that will make you laugh around Halloween, and can get your head round the stuid premise, it might be worth pulling this one up.



If you haven’t seen Clue, just quickly open Netflix in the next tab and leave it loading while you finish reading this. Set in the fifies but made in 1985, this is a really strange but wonderful murder mystery film.Clue is one of my favourite movies to watch at this time of year – its surreal, its got Tim Curry in it, its a little bit spooky but mostly it is funny as hell. If you like a bit of madcap humour and can embrace the silliness of a film based on a board game, you’ll have the ride of your life. I bullied my friends into watching it this morning, all tucked under duvets with sore heads after the party, and it was truly the perfect hangover cure. Best line? “Communism was just a red herring.”


Overall, a pretty great month for telly. I’m hoping September will live up to it – the second season of How to Get Away with Murder is on Netflix, and I intend to devour it as soon as humanly possible. The assignment deadlines I have in November can wait – Annalise Keating is back in my life, and tbh, that takes priority over everything. #sorrynotsorry


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