I’m a terrible blogger | BEDA [1/30]

I mean, if you scroll down a bit, that won’t be a surprise to you at all. I can do Tumblr – reblogging other people’s stuff is great fun, there’s much less pressure – but actually doing stuff of my own? Nah, mate, that’s much too much like hard work. Hence the fact there’s only a handful of posts here, all of them messy and inconsistent. Let’s be honest, they’re really quiteΒ shit.

I haven’t found my style, yet. I can do academic-y writing – I’m pretty good at that, or so I’m told. But more personal stuff, well, I haven’t done that with any kind of consistency since I was eighteen. And I miss it. I can’t even really remember what kind of creative writer I am.

So, BEDA. “Blog Every Day [in] April”. To find my style, my niche, that sort of thing. Because my brain is so full of dissertation related stuff that I need some other kind of outlet. Hopefully, along the way I’ll figure out what kind of content I like making, too – and maybe I’ll stick to blogging a bit more generally.

April is a busy month for me, and I almost considered putting this off until May. But then I’d put off until June, July, oh sod it, I’ll wait until after I’ve submitted my dissertation – you see where I’m going with this. I’m terrible for that thinking.

I just need to do this, to bite the bullet and finally find my feet again. If I can work out what content I like – not what’s popular online, not what IΒ should be writing, but what I actually, properly like – then maybe, just maybe, I’ll stick to a blog for more than six months.

So, April will be an experimental month – book reviews, film chat, personal stuff, possibly even some photography (I live in North Wales, it’s hard not to take pictures). Maybe fiction? Probably not fiction. I’m not brave enough to share that yet.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Basically, this is a tentative hello. I’m still here, internet, even if I got lost along the way somewhere. Did you miss me? Do people even still doΒ stuff like BEDA? It’s just, in terms of internet age, I’m more fiveawesomegirls than Zoella, if you know what I mean.

And, rambling again. Excellent start. God, I’m questioning this decision already.

Shout out to Leena, who indirectly inspired this madness. In herΒ #40DaysofQuestions, she’s vlogging every day throughout lent, and her content isΒ honestly so much better than mine. So.

See you tomorrow, I hope.


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