RIP, Vykandis| BEDA [4/30]

This is the first day of BEDA that I haven’t already had a topic in mind. But today ended up being a sad one – my housemate and I buried our beloved pet snake, Vykandis (Candice for short), and it felt wrong not to acknowledge that. It was quite unexpected and we’re a little shaken, but I’ve put a quick tribute together, just to say goodbye.

Candice was Ed’s snake first: I become his sort of step-mum when we moved in together, nearly two years ago. He was a gorgeous, energetic, inquisitive thing – he loved to be handled, and was always ready to investigate when we put anything new in his vivarium. He was also a total flirt – if he was being held by a woman, he’d more often than not end up settling on or around their boobs. Maybe this was for warmth; I reckon he was just a typical bloke.

He was also a fast mover. Whenever we got him out to play, we always had to be on the ball – if we got distracted by the telly or something for a minute too long, he’d be well away, and we’d end up having to fish him out from the back of the sofa. He even got out of his vivarium once, for nearly a whole week – we’re still not sure how he escaped, but we came one day and he had disappeared. After turning the house upside down over the course of a few days we had almost given up hope, and then he suddenly appeared again,Β giving both me and Ed the fright of our lives. He’d wormed his way upstairs, and just suddenly stuck his head out from behind Ed’s computer monitor. We jumped out of our skin. I swear he looked smug for at least a month after.

He also loved to climb, and we were forever hearing little thuds from him just sort of plopping back down onto the ground of his tank. He’d climb up all his toys and towers we got, but his favourite was climbing up the vivarium itself – he’d slip up the sides, showing his belly off, sometimes curl around the temperature gauge so he could go across the top a little. He’d often make us laugh with the daft positions he got himself in.

Losing a pet, especially a reptile, is a bit of a weird one. It’s like losing family, but from a practical perspective, everything stays the same. There’s a big, Candice-shape hole in our lives, but day-to-day, nothing will really change much.Β The biggest thing, I think, is not seeing his little face when we glance into his tank.

We’ll miss you, mate. Loads. I hope we gave youΒ a good life; we really did love you, in all your oddities, a lot.


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