Films on my Netflix List | BEDA [6/30]

NB: I’m working on almost no sleep and it’s currently 22:45 already, somehow, after a long ass day chasing a birthday girl and her 15 month old brother around. Therefore I almost guarantee this post will be heavy on the typos, and can only offer a humble apols in advance.

Now, I like films. We all know this. But I’m not perfect, and sometimes, films that I really should see slip through the cracks. Somehow, I miss it at the cinema, I don’t buy the DVD, and then suddenly it’s months later and a film turns up on Netflix that I really should have already watched. Here’s a few currently on my Netflix list, in the hopes that now that I’ve written them down, I’ll have a slightly better chance of getting round to watching them.


The Nice Guys (2016) dir. Shane Black

The Nice Guys is a relatively recent release, so this is one of my less guilty movies. Basically, what happened here is I loved the premise – silly buddy comedy, cross-generational friendship, whacky slapstick violence, all set in the 60s – and vowed to see it in the cinema. Then I just sort of… didn’t, for whatever reason. The day it was posted to Netflix I vowed I’d watch it that very night, but no, stuff just gets in the way. I keep vowing to put time aside for this movie, because it made a lot of top ten lists (fellow film nerd Jack Howard in particular got me quite excite about it), and I’m sure I’ll love it. It’s just one of these things where, for whatever stupid reason, I keep getting in my own way. No excuses – I’m just a bit shit.


Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) dir. Wes Anderson

Now, technically, I have seen Fantastic Mr Fox a few times, but it’s back on my watchlist, because soon I’ll be writing about it as part of my thesis. If you’ve written about films in this capacity, you’ll know that watching a film for fun and watching one for academic purposes is quite different – no playing with your phone, no getting too attached, there’s a clinical sort of studiousness that needs to happen. So when I rewatch Fantastic Mr Fox, I’ll be viewing it in context as a Wes Anderson movie, and be on the look out for all his little motifs. It’s a lovely film – quite a different vibe from its source material, but its clever and funny and the animation is just gorgeous. It’s also got one of the most impressive voice casts I’ve seen outside of the big animation studios, so if you’ve somehow missed this one, I recommend it.


Whiplash (2014) dir. Damien Chazelle

One of the first films I saw this year was La La Land, the most recent release from Chazelle. I thought it was masterful. Whiplash is his other big feature length movie, and I’m told it’s equally impressive. From what I understand, it has quite a lot in common with La La Land; they’re both love letters to the world of music and artistry, although Whiplash seems like it’s a lot grittier. It mostly seems to centre around the dynamic between a musician and his intense teacher; I’m always interested in this kind of relationship, especially when it isn’t too hammed up. I think this will be an intense, dramatic romp, and I’m so excited to finally watch it – I think I’ll be an even bigger fan of Damien Chazelle once I do.


Right. I can’t think of any witty sign off tonight, I’m afraid: I’m exhausted. I hope, but by no means promise, that I’ll be a bit more with it for tomorrows post. Happy BEDA, gang.


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