Told you I was terrible | BEDA [9/30]

So, I missed two days of BEDA. In all honesty, I’m surprised it took me so long. But I’m back on the horse – I went through a bit of a defeatist phase this morning and thought about giving up, but IΒ haven’t. I’m on it. I’m a blogger, dammit, and I will blog.

However, I’m still exhausted from the next few days. So you’re not getting proper content today, soz.Β Instead, here are a few things that happened on the 7th and 8th (also the 6th, actually) that led to me not blogging:

  • as it turns out, not being able to replace the car’s starter motor
  • driving from North Wales to Staffordshire
  • having to wake up at 6:45, for three days in a row*
  • being responsible for dropping a childΒ off at school
  • said child turning five (fifth birthdays requireΒ so much effort)
  • throwing said child a birthday party (again:Β fifth birthdays requireΒ so much effort)
  • said birthday partyΒ going… less than smoothly
  • bonding with my future godson, who is fifteen months old and therefore gets loads of separation anxiety
  • having to nip to Tesco every time I needed a wee (long story)
  • driving from Staffordshire back to North Wales
  • celebrating Ed’s birthday with the most intense birthday cake candles I’ve ever seen
  • collapsing, exhausted, with a beer in my hand.

Looking back, that list isn’t as much of a disaster on paper as it felt in real life. Still, I’m absolutely exhausted – and as of tomorrow, I need to be working on my lit review again. Nevertheless, I knew this BEDA thing was gonna be a big undertaking when I committed to it. I’m powering through – even if I am only running on instant coffee and leftover birthday cake.


*I acknowledge this is a daily thing for a lot of people and I’m whining, but… I’m more of a roll out of bed at 9am person. Sorry.


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