Contemporary YA Book Recommendations | BEDA [12/30]

I love young adult literature. I lead a busy life – often, a stressful one – and sometimes, a bit fluffy, light, lovely YA is just what the doctor ordered when I crawl into bed at night. Here are a few of my favourites; the perfect accompaniments to a cup of tea and some comfy slippers.


How to Build a Girlย by Caitlin Moran

I read this book towards the end of last year; it was funny, honest, and I always looked forward to picking it up. Caitlin tackles class, sex, family, but never takes any of it too seriously – this is a book that will definitely make you laugh out loud. The protagonist, Johanna, is a bold, brash, naive teenager, but she struggles with life as much as any seventeen year old does. She sort of fumbles through this book trying to figure out how to be a person, and she makes some catastrophic mistakes – but comes out all the stronger for them. I’d give this one a bit of a content warning (inappropriate sex, self harm), but if you’re able to look at these things a bit satirically, you’ll have a grand time.


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sightย by Jennifer E. Smith

This is a little slip of a book – it’s perfect for a holiday read; lightweight, almost in real time, and you could probably finish it over the course of a single flight or car journey. It’s never too deep, but its never vapid, either, and keeps a lovely balance between sunshine and sadness. The story follows Hadley, and her journey to the UK for her Dad’s wedding – on the plane, she meets Oliver, and well, it’s probably not too difficult to figure out the rest. It’s the writing that’s the endearing thing with this one –ย everything is phrased so gorgeously you’ll almost forget you’re reading a silly romance novel about a pair of mismatched teens. Although, sometimes I think mismatched teens make for the perfect love story.


Fangirlย by Rainbow Rowell

If you’ve never heard of Rainbow Rowell, I think you might have been living under a rock. She’s a clear, clever, funny author of both YA and adult books, and this one might be my favourite of hers.ย Fangirlย is about Cath, a college freshman who is introverted as hell, and seriously anxious about this new chapter in her life. I had similar struggles in my first year of uni, and I think that’s why this book resonated so much with me: every character in it was so recognisable. As a result, you care about all of them, and the narrative just flows. If you love fandom/fanfiction, are a sucker for a bit of romance, and love getting attached to literary characters,ย Fangirlย is definitely for you.


And those are a few quick, lovely books; they’d be greatย for over theย Easter hols. If you want a more up to date look at what I’m reading, feel free to add me on goodreads – and let me know what other genres you’d like recommendations from!


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