I love Doctor Who | BEDA [15/30]

Woooah, we’re halfway there… and I missed another day, yesterday, soz. But not too soz – a friend was in need, so that had to come first, obviously.

Tonight, there was only one topic I could possibly write about: the long awaited return of Doctor Who. I bloody love Doctor Who, so here are some mostly incoherent, really quite poorly put together ramblings about the new episode.

I was twelve when New Who launched: just the right age to get absolutely swept up by the drama and action and absolutely obsess over each episode. Rose Tyler was my hero; I still think she’s one of my favourite telly women of all time, absolutely overflowing with energy and curiosity. Now, at nearly twenty two, I’m still watching, and still pretty obsessive, to be honest.

Tonight’s episode seemed to serve a single purpose – to introduce us to new companion, Bill, played brilliantly by Pearl Mackie. It fulfilled that purpose well – really well. From the perspective of story, it was weak, but we got to know Bill, and that’s what counts: sheΒ was immediately interesting, funny, and I can’t wait to get to know her a bit better.

Now I’m not Moffat’s biggest fan – I don’t think I ever will be. He fucks with importantΒ factors of the story too much, takes things for granted, and he comes off as kind of entitled. But he does appear to have (sort of, almost) listened to criticism with this one. Bill is gay, openly so, and more importantly, unashamedly so; I’m desperate for her to get a steady girlfriend.

The other new addition is Nardole. He’s been around before – I adoredΒ The Husbands of River Song from a few Christmases ago – and he’s still lovely. Silly, maybe, but funny and charming nevertheless.

As I say, the narrative was weak. I don’t really have much to say on that front, because it just wasn’t much of a big deal – it sort of ripped offΒ Waters of MarsΒ and a few other episodes from Russell T’s era. There was a really unnecessary appearance from the Daleks – apparently the Doctor can just walk in and out of the Time War, now? – and a cutesy line about crushes being important (true, for the record).

Basically, I think this was a great set up for the series. I’m dying to see Missy and John Simm make their returns, I’m excited for Bill to spread her wings a little more. I’m also hoping Peter Capaldi’s final episodes are good, because I think his potential has beenΒ wasted on Moffat’s mediocre writing, and this is his last shot to make up for that.


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